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Happy Eco News: February

Beat the Blues with Some Happy Eco News!

Let's kick of March on a positive note! We know that the fight against climate change can be overwhelming and the doom and gloom can get real. But fear not, we're here to sprinkle some eco-positivity in your life with our Happy Eco News round up! Keep reading to find out the awesome things happening this February and remind yourself that small acts of kindness can have a big impact. Let's celebrate our wins, big and small!
Scotland to plant millions of trees
Scotland’s wild salmon are feeling the effects from global warming, with summer river temperatures reaching a scorching 33°C (91.4°F). To  help protect the salmon, the River Dee Board and Trust and fisheries are teaming up to plant millions of trees along Scottish rivers. Juniper, aspen, birch, willow, and Scots pine are among the tree varieties being planted to provide shade and habitat for small animals and insects. The goal is to plant over 1 million trees by 2035, with the added bonus of controlling flooding and improving soil and water quality. 
Dolphins make a return to the Bronx
The Bronx River just got a little more lively – dolphins have made their return after a five year hiatus! These playful creatures were spotted in the East River recently, but their appearance in the Bronx River is a real treat. Authorities believe that the plentiful supply of fish in the river could be the reason for their return.  The city's Parks and Recreation Department was so excited about this sighting that they even shared a video on Twitter, captured by a lucky bystander. Unfortunately, pollution and habitat destruction have led to a decline in the numbers of bottlenose dolphins, found along both the Atlantic and Pacific coastlines. Some of them get injured by fishing nets, and even die.
Visiting the park is good for mental health
Did you know that visiting green spaces can do wonders for your mental health? Researchers at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare found that a trip to the  park or community garden three to four times a week can slash your chances of taking medication for anxiety or depression by a third! And it's not just your mind that benefits—visiting green spaces can also lower your need for asthma or high blood pressure medication by up to 25%. So, let's get out there and soak up some green goodness!
Rare night parrot spotted in western Australia
Researchers have found a population of little night parrots, a bird thought to have been extinct for 100 years, hiding in the bush of Western Australia. This follows decades of unverified sightings and rumours. Ornithologists filmed and tagged one of the elusive birds in Queensland, providing evidence of their continued existence. The discovery is considered a major win for bird conservation efforts.
Australia has for the first time rejected a coal mining application based on environmental law. The government is feeling the heat to tackle climate change and halt new coal and gas extraction projects.  Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek vowed to decide each project on its merits, and she made good on that promise by blocking the Central Queensland Coal Project, which was set to bulldoze its way into  a Queensland town, just 6 miles away from the Great Barrier Reef! The project was a threat to the area's precious water resources and seagrass meadows, which are home to dugongs and fish.
France has no bills due to renewables
While the rest of France is feeling the sting of rising electricity bills, the folks in Muttersholtz are chilling. With just 2,200 people, they've managed to pioneer the use of solar power and hydropower to keep their bills near zero! They're so energy efficient that they only have to pay a tax for using the public network. Their first deputy mayor, Michel Renaudet, said, "Many people were asking the question, 'is it really worth spending so much money to make a micro power plant? Even if it's a very nice tool.' Today, we see ourselves completely rewarded. We already knew that we were on the right track…it's just incredible."


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