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4 Reusable Products You Should Really Be Using

It’s no longer news. We’ve all been exposed to the appalling consequences of environmental pollution. Way too much, some would say. Between you and me we can agree our environment is in bad shape and something has to be done soon.

Oceans are littered with plastics, carbon dioxide is destroying the atmosphere, and companies continue to cut down trees for profit at an alarming rate. These are things we have to deal with. But while some will argue the onus is on the government, I beg to differ.

We all have a responsibility to our environment. This is our home. What are we going to pass down to our children? Should our children have to pay for our careless decisions? Imagine a child not knowing what a forest looks like. If we continue with the rate of deforestation, our children will grow up in a world with no trees. How sad.


What can you do?

You can do your part by changing your shopping habits. Move from plastic-based products to eco-friendly products. Instead of a plastic bag, get a reusable shopping bag. Instead of a plastic cup, get a bamboo cup. Instead of party plastic cutleries, get degradable party supplies. Little changes like these go a long way. You can start with your next shopping. Let us look at some of the best reusable products around. These are things you can start buying today.


Reusable shopping bags 

We love shopping. Whether it is grocery shopping or clothing, we love it. But our shopping habits may be causing pollution in other parts of our environment. Remember your plastic shopping bag? It could be responsible for the death of marine species in our oceans. Each time you fail to recycle you risk destroying a natural ecosystem.

Adopting a new shopping habit can help. Making a switch from plastic bags to reusable shopping bags is a massive step. At Kind Bag, we specialise in making unique degradable and reusable shopping bags. Our bags will help you adopt a safe and eco-friendly shopping habit.


Reusable coffee cups 

We love our coffee. Don’t know about you, but I can’t go a day with several cups. But each plastic cup that ends up in the environment could be causing irreversible dangers to our ecosystem. Thankfully, we have reusable coffee cups to solve this problem. Just like the Starbucks and other big-name coffee brands, you can now get reusable coffee cups to tag along as you commute to work.


Recycled toilet tissues 

Believe it or not, you can now buy recycled toilet tissues. What are the benefits? It is made from 100% recycled paper fibres. It can be made from either bamboo or sugarcane. Aesthetically it looks very similar to your everyday toilet tissue. But it is eco-friendly. It helps to reduce carbon footprints, saves trees as well as water.


100% Recycled Aluminium Foil

It is one of the most used items in our homes — arguably the most used item in our kitchens. Now we can enjoy 100% recycled aluminium. It takes about 95% less energy to make than conventional foil manufacturing. It saves energy and keeps our environment safe.


Let’s wrap up!

There are many examples of reusable items in the market. Most of what you buy today has a reusable version. We all have a duty to our environment. Before you buy a plastic product, try to find a reusable version of that product. This is how you play your part in saving our planet.


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