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Madras Check | Tote
Marilyn Grigor

Another superb bag. First class quality, good and strong. I love the check as, being a Scot, it resembles a striking tartan!!!

Meadow Flowers

I pre-ordered this pattern on a tote bag. This has been admired by others and is incredibly useful wherever I go.

William Morris Fruit

I pre-ordered this pattern on a tote bag. This has been admired by others and is incredibly useful wherever I go.

Lobster | Medium
Sheji Jacob-Brettle
Cheerful and feel good

These bags have pretty designs - I have two - are really useful and I know I am doing my tiny bit for the planet again through Maria’s creativity. One tiny niggle is that the handles can be a bit awkward when there are bottles or bulky items and the bag hits against my leg a bit. In the bigger scheme of things, it’s not a deal breaker!

William Morris Golden Lily | Tote
Mrs Fiona Barrowclough
So pretty

Such a nice bag to use during the summer. Well made and strong.

William Morris Fruit | Tote
Mrs Fiona Barrowclough
Bought as a gift

A lovely gift for my friend and such an unusual yet famous designer. Looks stunning.

London | Medium
Sue Faulkner
Great bags

I bought the family pack consisting of medium and mini bags. Plus the two London medium bags. I have given my Daughter and Daughter in law a medium bag each. (My Daughter the London one). Kept a London one for me plus a mini one. Given the rest to friends. The mini one was bigger than I thought but a good size for shorter people so they don't hit the floor carrying then in your hand. The medium ones are great carrying them on your shoulder. So good you can put them in your washing machine.

Mesh Bags | Set of 3
Jill Baldwin

I cannot at this stage comment on the mess bags because they are Xmas gifts - a little early !!! The shopping bag is great.

Great product with a big message!

I LOVE my Kind Bag, it’s strong, looks good, holds lots and it folds away flat to slip in a pocket of my handbag, meaning it’s always on hand. The whole ethos is really important to me, and every time I use it I feel like I’m doing my bit. My only problem is choosing the fab pattern for my next one!

Pomegranate Delight

I love the size, shape and design of the mini pomegranate bag. It holds the important things; wine, bread, cheese…Stylish and practical.

Floral | Mini
Susan Lloyd
Simply brilliant

Love the ethos of Kindbag and the fabulous products. My mini shopper arrived so promptly and now shopping is more of a treat!

Fabulous bags

I love my bags and already making good use of them. They told away neatly into my handbag so that I know I have always got them with me. They are so light but surprisingly you can pack a lot into them.
So pleased I purchased them and will be buying more for family and friends for presents. Well done .

Awesome products

Love me new kind bag. Holds loads, very strong, looks good and packs up small.

Great product, now my go to bags

I now keep one medium and on small bag in my work bag and use them anytime I go to the shops. Just been away on a short camping trip and these bags have been invaluable, great capacity but pack down to nothing. Would definitely recommend!

Bananas about my bag

Absolutely love my banana print bag. It’s a perfectly packed one that I keep for sole use in my everyday handbag as I’m always in need of a bag to carry things when I’m out and about. Love the colours and most of all the fact I’m doing my small but important bit for the environment. Thinking these bags will be perfect to gift for birthdays and Christmas too.

I was going to share it

I thought I was to give the space black bundle to my mother yet she really prefers using a trolley so I will use them and rotate with my coffee bundle!

Brilliant initiative...

As much as I love my medium Kind Bags (I have 3), these mini sizes come in extremely handy; I find I use mine an awful lot for various things: delicate groceries, library book visits, taking those small parcels to the post office, and it's a perfect lunch bag size for work. Patterns are great, they fold up fab and (of course) they're helping the planet. I would definitely buy more in this size and would love to see a few more different patterns.

Zebra | Medium
The Poet’s Corner
Love these!

I bought a selection of these bags to stock in my online shop and I absolutely love them. They’re great quality and look fantastic, so much so that I had to treat myself to one. I particularly love this bright contrasting zebra design and can honestly say I use it most days!

Good service and good product.

Pleased with product and service thank you

Love the mini and medium Coffee Kind bags

I usually use jute and cotton bags so I wanted a set of water proof bags. I like the shapes and colours so I hope in future there will be a large bag version too!

Daisy | Medium
Lynne SC
Kick the plastic

Well done for your bags which use recycled bottles. The planet needs innovative companies like yours to develop re-cycling methods to help control plastics. To promote the awareness of everyone to think about what they use and buy to reduce plastics. Every little step helps.
The bags are light, fun and an essential product that is easy to slip into any bag ready for use. Great presents. Thank you.

Boobs | Medium

Just love these titty bags, so much so that l bought 3, one for myself and for my daughters.
It amazes me how you can make a bag from plastic bottles...whatever next?! They're very strong and should last a long time. I'm very impressed with these handy bags.

I’ve bought five bags in total. Three medium ones as gifts for friends and family and a medium and large one for myself. They pack small and hold loads and we feel we’re doing a little bit to help the planet. Love them!!

Great designs and built to last. Brilliant little bag!


Brilliant bag that I keep in my handbag. It’s bigger than I thought it would be which is a bonus. It’s well made and the handles are quite thick so doesn’t cut into your hand. Would definitely recommend!


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