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Reuse Reduce Recycle more with us!

Let's get creative.

We ensure our packaging is 100% plastic free and easily recyclable. Not to mention, our bags are 100% recycled from plastic bottles and at the end of its life it can be fully recycled. We also know that sometimes we all want to go above and beyond to help the planet - so, we've put together some fun ways of reusing and upcycling our mailing boxes, sleeves and more!

KIND BAG SLEEVES contain essential information about our bag, including how to fold it back into the attached pouch. They're printed on FSC certified paper and 100% recyclable. 

Our MAILING CARTON is made using sustainable paper resource, printed with vegetable based oil. We even use kraft paper tape which can be recycled together with the carton. 

- For home -


Image & instruction from Hello Wonderful

This is a quick project you can do in your spare time - just cut our mailing carton in any shape you like (we love to play around with this!). If you have any leftover wrapping paper from last Christmas, or some small pieces of fabric from your recent sewing project, you can glue them on the cardboard to add a personal touch. Alternatively, you can paint over for something completely bespoke!

Create a collection with different fabrics to keep in your kitchen, and pick one to match your mood for your everyday coffee/tea. Perfect use for children's birthday parties too.


It's a very simple idea, but we all have moments when we realise we may need to buy a mailing carton or pouch to post something - which is not ideal both financially and environmentally. When you receive a delivery, open it carefully, store them in your cupboard and reuse them, for instance when you sell an item on eBay or send a gift to someone.

Just so you know, our mailing carton is Royal Mail Large Letter sized and fits through the letterbox, meaning your recipient won't have to wait at home to receive the delivery!


Image & instruction from Dream A Little Bigger

Got a pile of cardboard boxes? Make a piece of furniture for your little friend!

Cats love to scratch and you really need a scratching post so they won't damage walls and furniture. Cat scratchers can be quite costly and won't last for long - so it's a great way of saving some money too.

- For fun -


Image & instruction from All About Japan

Let's get inspiration from a Japanese table game, which has been around for over 200 years. 
Cut Kind Bag sleeves into a wrestler shape and place them on a cardboard box. You can personalise your boxes and wrestlers by painting them as you like too.

Play at a family gathering or house party - we're sure everyone will be very engaged!


Image & instruction from Super Simple

Make this easy and quick game for your children and birthday parties.
Instead of using brand-new paper, use our mailing carton box, sleeves or any cardboard boxes you have at home to cut fish shapes, place a paper clips on them. Wooden chopsticks you might have kept from a takeaway is perfect for the fishing rod. 

You can also write alphabets on the fish pieces, or paint them in different colours, to turn this into a great learning toy!


Drop us a message by email or on social media - we'll add your idea to our list on this page to share with the whole Kind Bag community!


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