Join us this KIND Friday.

As you all know, Black Friday is often associated with negative ideas, including over-consumerism and environmental damage. Furthermore, it’s extremely difficult for small businesses like us to compete with giant firms who offer massive discounts.

Discounts and deals are attractive to all of us, but it also means that what you purchase may be affecting something in a negative way. Let's think before you shop: how is this discount made possible? Is everyone in the supply chain getting paid enough? Is everyone working in a safe and healthy environment?

We've been discussing within the team to decide what we can do for this Black Friday while ensuring that it's good for us, you, and the planet. As a young start-up company, we're not able to offer extreme discounts because it'd hit really hard on us, our stockists, our manufacturing partner and the environment. But after carefully calculating everything that counts for our sustainability standard, we've come up with the best possible deal we can offer this year! 🎉

We feel that it's important for us to participate in Black Friday, so we get to be seen and considered as one of the options for this holiday shopping. Of course, it'd also help us transform more plastic bottles into Kind Bags and combat plastic pollution with you! ✌️💙

We're calling our campaign "Kind Friday" because we'd love you to shop in a way that is kind for sustainable businesses, the planet, and you!