1% of all our sales are donated for positive causes

whether we make profits or not.

Here at Kind Bag, our mission is to be kind to the planet, and that includes all those living on it! We want to do our bit and give back on a local and global scale, so we’ve now partnered with the fundraising platform, Work For Good to donate 1% of our sales, (whether we make profits or not), to four very deserving organisations.

As a brand, our mission is to combat plastic pollution and to help influence changes towards increased sustainability and ethical production methods in an increasingly fast fashion world. We also want to eliminate the need for the single-use plastic that is polluting our precious Earth! We want to help generate change for the humans and animals inhabiting our planet, and so, this is why we partnered with Work For Good, to give back 1% of our sales, to four organisations doing all sorts of great work for people, for animals and for the planet!

* 1% of our sales is shared equally at 0.25% to be donated to each charity.

Just One Ocean

Just One Ocean is a conservation charity protecting our precious ocean, so that future generations can appreciate and admire it and its unpolluted beauty.We’ve been supporting this organisation since February 2020, their mission is aligned with ours, in working to rid the ocean of plastic pollution, and we’ve been so inspired by seeing all that they’ve achieved, that they have our continued support.Just One Ocean works to protect our ocean from habitat destruction, shark finning, overfishing, plastic pollution and more, through education, communication and science. They organise beach clean up events and support research into the effects of micro plastic pollution and much more.

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Supporting the protection of our natural environment, against deforestation and climate change, is an independent conservation organisation, WWF UK, to whom Kind Bag is also donating, via Work For Good.Working on the creation of green corridors for wildlife, working with governments to improve habitat protection, educating children on sustainably growing their own food and petitioning the government against climate change, the WWF UK is another worthy cause.

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Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Battersea Cats & Dogs Home is London-based organisation shelters, cares for and seeks to rehome vulnerable dogs and cats, at their animal rescue centres. Battersea Dogs & Cats Home also helps to educate the public through school visits and publications, about how to responsibly look after pets.This charity was chosen for us to donate to, by our founder, Maria, as her beloved companion, Wispa, is a rescue dog. Maria also volunteered at a dog shelter organisation in her home of Tenerife, and cares very much for the plight of vulnerable animals, in need of loving homes.

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Breast Cancer Haven

Another of the four charities we’re supporting via Work For Good, is Breast Cancer Haven. This UK-based charity currently has 5 physical centres and provides counseling, online support groups and one-to-one therapies for people affected by breast cancer. Through online movement and physical activity classes, Breast Cancer Haven offers support to ease the emotional and physical burden a cancer diagnosis can have on those who receive it, and those close to them.

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We are very happy to be supporting these four charities, through Work For Good, and can’t wait to see all the great work that they do in the coming months and years. Through every Kind Bag purchase, you are helping to make a difference - thank you for joining our mission!

Let's create positive change, together.



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