Introduction to Kind Bag

Kind Bag is the brainchild of Maria Rodriguez.

Setup in 2019 with the aim to reduce the amount of single-use plastic.



480bn plastic bottles are sold around the world and over 3 billion plastic carrier bags are used just in the UK each year.


Unfortunately, the majority of those plastic bottles last forever and end up in the ocean killing and destroying animals and plants, most of the time in an irreversible way.


There is still hope and this is why Kind Bag has been created. We have taken this problem as our own crusade and have decided to reduce this single-use plastic as much as possible once and for all.


We rescue those filthy and harmful to the environment plastic bottles from the ocean and give them a new life and purpose transforming them into beautiful reusable bags which can use for a variety of things such as travelling, shopping or just on a daily basis when you need to carry more than just your phone and wallet (mums, sports people or students hear us out, we are here to help you!).


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